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Senior Management

Amrish A. Patel, PE
Phone: (301) 306-3091

Senior Vice President
Kirk McClelland, PE
Phone: (443) 729-2701

Marketing & Business Development

Division Manager
Michael Morse, FE/EIT
Phone:(240) 582-8002


Highway, Utility, & Site Civil Engineering, Planning
& Environmental Division Manager

Sanjay Patel, PE
Phone: (240) 582-8021

Water Resources Engineering Division Manager
David Preusch, PE, PH, CFM
Phone: (443) 729-2721

Geotechnical Engineering & Inspections Division Manager
Kim-Hou Chan, PE
Phone: (240) 582-8028

Site Structural
Amrish A. Patel, PE,
Phone: (301) 306-3091

Land Surveying

Division Managers
Charles Mueller, PLS
Phone:(443) 729-2706
Vernon Kelly, PLS
Phone:(240) 582-8030

Subsurface Utility Exploration

Division Manager
Neil Eppig, PLS
Phone:(443) 729-2703

Pipeline Assessments

Pipeline Flushing
CCTV Pipeline Assessments

Vernon Kelly, PLS
Phone:(240) 582-8030

Multi-Division Project Management

Steven D. Foster
Phone: (443) 729-2705

About Us


AB Consultants, Inc. (AB) is a multidisciplinary engineering and engineering support services Certified SBE/DBE/MBE firm, founded in 1993. AB provides professional services in Land Surveying, Land Planning, Environmental Sciences (Wetlands, Streams, Forests), Stream Restoration Design, Landscape Architecture, Site Civil & Highway Engineering, Hydraulic/Hydrologic Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Site Assessments, Geotechnical Engineering, Utility Engineering, Site Structural, Subsurface Utility Exploration (Designations and Test Holes/Pits), Construction Management and Inspection, Materials Sampling and Testing, CCTV Pipleine Inspection with Pipeline Flushing and Pressure Grouting capabilities.

AB Consultants developed a unique niche in the engineering and heavy construction industry when in 2002 AB Consultants Inc. acquired a construction company and began self-perfoming construction, especially for Design-Build projects. More recently, the construction division was sold and became its' own company, AB Construction, Inc. However, over the years by AB Consultant staff working closely with construction staff, AB engineers have provided design services which have led to cost effective, change order free, construction. AB works with the Design-Build contractor, whether AB Construction or another contractor, to have continuous quality control checks by the contractor, throughout the design process, in order to facilitate a "bullet proof" design which is change order free, and highly "construction friendly". Construction Friendly equates to savings for the client while still providing high quality and working within all applicable regulations. This design-build philosophy we refer to as "Total Project Management Mindset"; a Total Project Management Mindset ensures project completion is on time, work is of high quality, and the project is most cost effective as a total project (design, permits, construction). Our successful history, as being part of design-build teams, for county, federal, and private clients, has established an enviable track record, especially for a small business.

The engineers within AB Consultants, Inc., having been part of the design-build process and projects, and having this "Total Project Management Mindset", function much better as engineers to the betterment of the project and fulfilment of client needs and objectives.

AB Consultants, Inc. is unique in another fashion: AB has diverse services. AB, although a small, minority business, has the diversity of many large firms, and even offers services which many large firms do not. AB has in-house soil drilling and a materials laboratory which has been assessed by AMRL and is enrolled in the AMRL fine aggregate, course aggregate, CBR and soil proficiency sample programs. AB, having had that construction influence, is not afraid of having equipment dependent services such as perfoming utility test hole excavation via air vacuum truck method, having CCTV equipment fully housed within a truck, and having a jet/vac truck and apparatus to clean pipes in conjunction with CCTV pipeline assessments, or independently.

Combine the engineering, environmental services and field services, and you have AB, a "one-stop shop" for most civil engineering design projects.
AB, a small business with large business services.